You’ll discover a amount of diets and products on the internet to increase your metabolism, but you’ll hardly discover any logic behind why and how these diets respond with your body.

Ayurvedic diet is focused on rhythmic modifications occurring in nature such as rising and falling sun, altering nature, shifts in life stages (infancy and ageing), etc.

There are three kinds of energy circulating through all and all, and these are connected to fundamental body tasks. These substances are called in Sanskrit Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


  • Tend to be slim, have lower bones, not readily placed on weight, and fight digestion. Known to be imaginative, open-minded, curious and vigorous, but sometimes also frightened, strained and “scattered.”
  • Vatas are vulnerable to emotional hurdles, including anxiety and sorrow, and health issues such as neurological illnesses, insomnia, arthritis and heart illness.


  • Tend to construct a medium, athletic, and to be flexible in weight or muscle placement. Pitta kinds are often intelligent, hard-working, ambitious / driven, sometimes competitive but furious, and sometimes aggressive.
  • Pittas is regarded susceptible to issues such as over-exertion, high blood pressure, heart disease, infectious diseases, and digestive circumstances.


  • Tend to fight with weight gain and construct a larger, stronger structure. Known to be grounded, helpful, caring, and forgiving, but sometimes idle, unsafe, envious, and sad.
  • Health issues that kapahas are more likely to cope with include diabetes, disease, obesity, fluid retention and respiratory diseases.


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