As your body ages, the plates between the bones of the spine become stiffer and can separate. The bones additionally wear out and can develop bone spurs.When this condition is in the lower back, it’s called lumbar spondylosis. 


• Back torment and solidness are the primary ones. They are generally more awful toward the beginning of the day and show signs of improvement for the duration of the day. 

• Increase In Pain On Prolonged Standing Or Traveling 

• Weakness In The Muscles In The Legs 


Ayurvedic treatment of Lumbar spondylosis includes natural prescriptions and treatments that help to loosen up the muscles, calm irritation to the nerves and encompassing tissues, mending the harm to the nerves and in reinforcing the nerves and muscles. 

Being an all encompassing technique for treatment, Ayurveda likewise offers non-therapeutic medications for Lumbar spondylosis. A portion of the techniques and their uses are given underneath. 
• Abhyanga 
• Swedana 
• Kati vasti 
• vasti
• Upanaha or Lepa


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