Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative state of the vertebral segment, happening at the degree of cervical vertebrae. It is generally viewed as the osteoarthritis of the cervical spine and is frequently an age related condition.


The principle side effect of Cervical spondylosis is torment. The torment may increment while standing, sniffling and over the top physical stressing.

The muscles of the shoulders and hands are debilitating

Migraine that happens normally at the back of the head especially observed in the wake of voyaging

At the point when the spinal rope is squeezed by the distending plates or by conditions like Spondylolis thesis or in instances of Spinal stenosis,


Ayurvedic treatment of Cervical spondylosis, includes home grown medications and treatments that help to loosen up the muscles, diminish aggravation to the nerves and encompassing tissues, recuperating the harm to the nerves and in fortifying the nerves

The most commonly used therapies are Podikkizhi , Ilakkizhi for relieving inflammation and relaxing the muscles, Greevavasthi, Greeva pichu, Tailadhar and Nhavarakizhi. Nasya forms another important part of the treatment.


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