The wealthy people from the developing and underdeveloped world migrated to developed countries in the earlier days of medical tourism to make use of better medical facilities not available in their own countries. Rich Indians went for medical treatment in the U.S. and UK.

In this pattern, there has been a turnaround within recent years. Citizens from developed countries are flying with equal quality medical care in developing countries.

Reasons frequently cited are high rates and unwaited or short-waited health services are available.

There is a growing demand for alternative therapies and therapies such as yoga and Ayurveda that affect well-being and can extend to the religious realms. It is also possible to combine medical treatment with recreation and vacation.

Types of Medical  Tourists

  • Mere Tourists

This is an individual who makes no use of medical services during a holiday in the host country.

  • Medicated Tourist

who receives medical treatment for health problems incidentally occurring while in host country.

  • Medical Tourist Proper

A person whose visit to the host country involves both tourism and medical treatment (for travel-related matters).

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