Spine Care

Spine & Joint Care Therapy

Back Pain & Joint Pain is one of the common most problems in India.  The incidence of lower back pain is greater among women. There are many causes which leads to back pain such as osteoporosis, spondylosis, muscle sprain, reduction of inter vertebral space etc. Though modern medicines are quickly effective in pain management, they provide temporary solution. On the other side, Ayurveda for lower back pain and joint pain is a proven remedial solution.

Spine and Joint care has to be customized based on the condition of the patient with utmost care. Ayurveda has foreseen the unseen possibilities that could potentially affect your spinal cord and associated muscles. Ayurvedic massages can directly heal the outer spinal sheath, leading to alleviation of primary back pains. Treatments such as Pancha karma and specially localized massages are prescribed for serious cases such as slip disc and tear of spinal sheath. There are also special herbs and medicines that address back pain.